Chicago Weather Brokerage (CWB) works closely with a wide array of industries and organizations ranging from small businesses to multi-national corporations and municipalities to structure customized risk management solutions for weather and related commodity price risks.  CWB has been a leader in developing new products and assisting companies in managing unique weather and financial risks.  CWB was instrumental in the creation of CME Group’s listed snowfall and rainfall futures and options, even trading the first-ever exchange-listed snowfall derivative in December 2009. 

More recently, CWB is working to revolutionize the weather industry yet again with the creation of On-Site Trading.  This newly-designed structure permits CWB clients to trade/hedge utilizing a proprietary weather measurement device(s) at the client’s desired location (i.e. farm, golf course, ski resort, shopping center, hospital, etc).  This aims to mitigate basis risk typically associated with weather transactions.