Here is an example of a CWB Client using PUT options to protect their exposure.

Client A - Snow Removal Company

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Average Snowfall for January: 9" 

Risk: Not enough Snow

Client A located in Indianapolis, IN was in need of CWB's services to help normalize their earnings regardless of the outcome of the weather for the winter season of 2012-2013.  In order to fulfill this need, CWB analyzed the client's business structure, pinpointed the thresholds, and evaluated historical snowfall totals to best quantify a trade structure that aligned with their risk profile and earnings objective.

After careful analysis, CWB prepared a plan for Client A to execute that would help them remain profitable despite a low performing winter.

The trade that was presented is as follows: 

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 1.40.23 PM.png

At the end of January, the total snowfall was 2.4".  This trade awarded Client A a total payout of $100,000 ($90,000 profit).  Additionally, the client generated regular revenues from the snowfall that did fall, thus producing an operating profit of $70,000.  In aggregate, Client A netted $160,000 in total profit through operations and their snowfall hedge.

By executing the requested structure put together by CWB, Client A was able to achieve over 105% of their average total monthly earnings, despite having received less than 30% of average monthly snowfall.